care and use guide

The more care you show your jewelry, the longer it will last and the better it will look.  We do not recommend showering or swimming in our jewelry, especially any pieces with fabric or magnetic elements.


Fabric Earrings

Always wear the provided rubber backs to the earrings.  Our fabric earrings are extremely lightweight, and the backs ensure that they stay put in your ear.  If you lose the rubber backs, a bag of 10 replacement backs is available for purchase on our site.

If you lose an earring and would like a replacement made, please contact Lissy at to get a quote for a replacement if the materials are still available.

Magnetic Clasps

We use magnetic closures on some of our bracelets.  We’ve sourced and tested the strongest jewelry magnets available.  As with any bracelet, if you catch it on something it can come off, so be aware and check sleeves of heavy clothing if you think you have lost it.